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Western Colorado is a unique and unusual place, and we are now experiencing unusual times. While many banking and real estate professionals in western Colorado might believe that we’re insulated from the real estate bubble that we’re experiencing nationwide, the fact is that we are not. Mesa County alone is expected to produce 1,300 foreclosures in 2009, and the simple fact is that traditional marketing methods can’t dispose of this great amount of excess inventory.

Auction: a widely accepted method of selling real estate

In other parts of the U.S., auctions are a traditional and normal method of selling real estate. Instead of going through a lengthy listing period using a variety of marketing techniques, sellers contact an auction company and dispose of their properties in a matter of a couple or three months, and usually the selling price is very close to or even greater than the sales price made through the normal listing cycle. In parts of Oklahoma, for example, up to 75% of the farm sales are made through real estate auctions.

The advantages of property auctions

In western Colorado, however, this method of selling real estate has typically been perceived as a mark of desperation. It shouldn’t be. If you analyze all the elements of an auction, it creates a great environment to sell real estate. We’ve all been to a farm auction where two or three bidders bid up an item and pay 25% more than it’s worth. While this scenario is unusual with real estate—particularly when there’s a huge inventory on the market—it can happen. We all know that there are buyers out there with either cash in hand or financing available to them. An auction creates a sense of urgency, where buyers know that once the gavel falls, that piece of property is gone. They can’t sit back and watch it drop in price over the next several months. It also offers the opportunity for good deals, which is always appealing to buyers. More importantly, once the auction is over, the property is SOLD, and sellers can move on to other ventures and put their capital to use in other ways.

United Country is the largest real estate auction company in the United States

United Country has developed the largest and most sophisticated real estate auction company in the country. United Country has auction solutions ranging from e-Bay-style live internet auctions, traditional auctions, and “blended” auctions whereby properties are listed until the auction commences. It’s quite a program, and no other real estate company in the country has anything that approaches the depth and sophistication of the United Country auction program.


Gary Hubbell and Mike Krieg: Two Western Colorado real estate professionals

Gary Hubbell and Mike Krieg, two long-time western Colorado businessmen and United Country brokers, have established an auction solution to market and auction western Colorado real estate. Between the two of us, we have five decades of experience in the resort and hospitality industry; Colorado ski area recreation; hunting and fishing recreation; construction and development; luxury homes; farms and ranches; marketing and public relations; and commercial properties. We realize that Colorado auctions demand a special understanding of the local market, and bringing in an auction company from Tennessee or someplace likely won’t work. However, with our own extensive databases and the incredible power of the United Country marketing system, we believe that no one can do a better job of auctioning western Colorado properties.


Auction: The next marketing tool for selling Colorado real estate

As the next economy develops, we predict that auction will become a much more viable solution to selling western Colorado real estate, and will in fact become the preferred sale solution for marketing and selling certain Colorado properties. Mike Krieg and Gary Hubbell are at the forefront of providing the most sophisticated real estate auction services in Colorado. Give us a call and we’ll schedule an appointment to see our auction services presentation. It’s impressive. We use a combination of sophisticated marketing techniques developed by our United Country auction company headquarters in Kansas City. We combine internet and website marketing; mass emails to targeted client lists; newspaper and magazine advertising; postcard campaigns; public relations with television news, newspapers, and radio; and our own detailed databases containing tens of thousands of qualified buyer leads.


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